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Hongik University Office of International Affairs

Hongik International Summer School

2024 Hongik International Summer School

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Greetings from Hongik University, South Korea!


We are thrilled to announce that '2024 Hongik International Summer School' is now open for applications.


2024 Hongik International Summer School offers students from around the world a wonderful experience with credit-bearing subject (3 credit) here at Hongik University, Seoul.


Students may complete the attached application form, prepare additional documents, and submit it to by the following deadline.


<Application Deadline>

1. For early-bird benefit: by 29th March 2024 (KST)

2. Final application due: by 17th May 2024 (KST)


<Program Cost>




Application Fee






Partner Discount

Tuition 20% Discount

Applicants from one of Hongik’s partner universities

Early-bird Discount

100,000KRW deduction

Applicants who complete application process prior to 29thMarch, 2024

On-campus Dormitory

(optional, 2 people in 1 room)

1 week: 150,000KRW

2 weeks: 300,000KRW

3 weeks: 450,000KRW

The price is per person

 -. Student currently enrolled in an accredited college or university



<Application Process>

1. Check your eligibility and decide which course to apply for. 

   ※ Applicants can apply for 1 (one) course only.

   ※ Most courses are at a beginner or intermediate level, so you can apply regardless of your current major. 

         Please refer to the attached files for the syllabus of each course.


2. Prepare the following required documents and submit it via email;

    -. Academic transcript issued by the current home university

    -. Copy of valid passport (first two pages with personal information)

    -. Complete application form (with correct email address)


3.Pay 100,000KRW (application fee, non-refundable) via Flywire.


4.Receive a confirmation of application email with a program fee invoice provided by Hongik University.


5.Pay the tuition and dormitory fee based on the above invoice provided by Hongik University.



1. Applicants from a country where Korea has a visa-waiver agreement may participate in Hongik International Summer School with the K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization). 

Please check your eligibility at the

Make sure that Visa-free visitors still must obtain K-ETA approval before entering Korea.


2.Applicants from a country that is excluded from the visa-waiver agreement with Korea must apply for a C-3-9 (tourist) Visa at the Korean Embassy or Korean Consulate Office in the country where the home university belongs. Obtaining a Visa can be time-consuming, so we strongly recommend that applicants prepare for their correct visa in advance. Applicant has a responsibility to receive the correct visa to stay in Korea, so consult the Korean Embassy in your country as early as possible.


<Youtube clip for '2023 Hongik International Summer School'>



1. No more seats available for 'Design Hackathon Prototype Camp (E-Bike Prototyping)', because a large group of students already has been registered as of 20th February 2024.

 2. No more seats available for 'Ceramic Workshop' as of 1st April 2024.


<More Information>

Please refer to the attached files.

1. Leaflet

2. Syllabus for each course

3. Application form