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Hongik University Office of International Affairs

In case of exchange, tuition should be paid in Hongik University; in case of visit, tuition should be paid in both schools.
Exchange students to be dispatched are selected through document review (GPA), interview, language capability evaluation, and portfolio review, etc. No weight is applied ; evaluation items are converted into scores and high scorers are selected. It should be noted that, as the number of applicants is different every semester and specifications of applicants are different, the competition rates and cut-off line are different depending on semesters and target schools.
Interviews and foreign language capability is evaluated by the professor(s) of related area(s). It is difficult to give you general information on interviews because the contents of questions and evaluation criteria may be different depending on professors. Language capability is evaluated focused on the students’ capability to study in corresponding colleges in corresponding languages.
If Hongik University has same or similar subjects, the credits and grades are recognized in full as alternative credits and, if not, the credits are only recognized as “recognized credits” (divided into major or liberal credits). The student may select “alternative” or “recognized” in advance.
Unlike exchange students, there is no limit in visit students in colleges; therefore, the number of visit students is not limited and qualified students may be selected as visit students to be dispatched. However, visit students should obtain admission letters from corresponding colleges.
Yes, students in leave may also make the applications. However, in the semester to participate as exchange students, the students should be in school status.
No, a student should apply for only one college. However, in case of exchange, it is possible to select and apply for additional one wished visit college for the case of failure in application for a college.
In case of exchange program, as dispatched is done for only one semester, changing the period is impossible; in case of visit, it is possible to extend or shorten the period.
The exchange students participating in visit programs are supported with “international exchange scholarship” for corresponding period. “International exchange scholarship” is not allowed to exchange students but “tuition scholarship” is available depending on their grades. All the exchange students should apply for scholarship for every semester.