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Measles Prevention Guidelines for International Students

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Measles Prevention Guidelines for International Students
Measles, which has been prevalent overseas, has been occurring in groups at some universities in Korea since April, so it is a time when caution is needed at Hongik University.
Measles is a legally class 2 infectious disease that can lead to mass infections and is subject to tracking and management as it is an infectious disease that can lead to mandatory quarantine
Therefore, in order to ensure a safe educational environment, Hongik University decided to go through a process of requesting and confirming a measles vaccination certificate (a total of 2 doses required) when international students enter on-campus dormitories.  That is, all on-campus dormitory residents of Hongik University must submit a measles vaccination certificate (printed in either English or Korean) prior to their check-in date, confirming that the measles vaccine has been administered twice (2 doses), at least four (4) weeks apart.

Applicants planning to live in Hongik University on-campus dormitory are advised to make a schedule in advance to complete 'two (2) measles vaccinations four (4) weeks apart' before their departure.
The above guideline is the one announced by the Korean government to Universities across the country, and it should be common not only to Hongik University but also to any university in Korea.
Precautions for multilingual translation for international students (Card News) can be found in detail in the attachment.

In addition, Hongik University Dormitory has originally required all residents to submit a negative Tuberculosis (TB) certificate. Therefore, those who are planning to apply for the on-campus dormitory must prepare for the above Measles Vaccination Certificate as well as the Tuberculosis Negative Certificate. More detailed information will be provided when the Admission Letter is sent.